Glenn Weatherson

Hi there! 🫡

My name is Glenn Weatherson, which hopefully is clear by now.

I'm a web developer with many moons of industry experience who is currently working at 970 Design. Most of my career has been building websites using Wordpress, among other tooling. I find joy in working through the process of turning a new design or idea into a coded, usable experience, especially when there are new things to try along the way.

Some notable client work I've been a part of includes GoPro, Nike, Tahiti, Yosemite, Pokemon, and more.

While not working, I'm usually pedaling any sort of bicycle, playing video games, digging for new sounds I haven't heard of yet, spending time with my partner, or trying to wear our dogs out. Or, I'm doing absolutely nothing, because that's just as important. 🧙🏼‍♂️

Oh yeah, I put photos up on